Death by Chocolate, or Else by Squiggly Letters

December 6, 2021

Howdy, folks! Welcome to a very brief and rather unexciting weekend recap. The reasons for this brevity are twofold: first, I spent most of the weekend studying Greek and hiding from the rain. I could describe these items at length, but I have a funny feeling that most of you would neither understand nor appreciate the intricacies of 2nd aorist participles, so I'll spare you the details. Secondly, I am typing this post on a train to London, where I will be sightseeing for the next 2 days. My plan (ever and always tentative) is to type up the day's events each evening while I am in London, so there should be another post on Wednesday or Thursday. Think of this weekend recap as a snack to hold you over until dinner is ready, like a cheese stick or a handful of baby carrots.

Saturday, December 4

The object of the game on Saturday was to finish revising for my Greek exam. A quick vocabulary lesson for you Yanks reading this: revising is a synonym for studying in British English and does not always refer to making changes to a piece of writing. In my case, revising consisted of copying noun, adjective, and verb ending charts to reference on my exam.

I have the happy advantage of learning Greek after taking over 10 years of Latin; most of the grammar is the same, so it was no struggle to learn what each case does in a sentence, the aspects of verbs, etc. However, the Greek verbal system is much more complicated than in Latin, so I still sometimes need to consult charts to find the right endings, especially when translating from English to Greek. Earlier this week, I copied the endings for 1st through 3rd declension nouns and adjectives, as well as the pronouns we have learned thus far. Saturday's project was to copy down endings for 3 tenses, with 2 voices each, both as regular action verbs and as participles. Somehow, I managed to get it done without having an existential crisis.

When I started on the charts for the verb "to be" (irregular in all languages), I wrote down "to bee" and figured it was about time to stop. After I finished those charts, I picked up fish and chips for dinner and tried my first deep-fried Mars bar! The deep-fried Mars bar was invented at a fish and chip shop in Stonehaven, and it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a very stereotypically Scottish food and has often been used to epitomize or caricature the unhealthy Scottish diet. I finished the thing, but I'm still not sure what to think about it. As a proud Southern woman, I feel like any fried monstrosity should appeal to me, but the caramel and chocolate in the Mars bar just didn't feel right surrounded in the crunchy, craggly, oily batter. Plus, all the sugar made my teeth hurt. Having said that, allow me to totally contradict myself by adding that the deep-fried Mars bar might have been better with some powdered sugar sprinkled on top, to cut the savory-ness of the batter and ease the transition to the candy bar underneath. Regardless of my opinions of the deep-fried Mars bar, I can say with objective certainty that it would do very well at the Wilson County fair, probably out-selling Red Velvet funnel cakes, but maybe not fried Oreos or chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick.

Sunday, December 5

Standard procedure this Sunday: I went to church in the morning, ate lunch in my residence hall, then went for a walk around town while calling Gran. After all that, some friends and I got dinner together, then I went to another carol service before packing a backpack for London.