Homework, then Fireworks

Weekend Recap #4

October 4, 2021

Welcome to an abbreviated edition of the Weekend Recap. Due to circumstances outside my control (most of them happy!) I was unable to travel outside of St. Andrews this weekend. For one thing, we have been enjoying some Scottish rain here in St. Andrews, which is lovely for studying and sipping tea indoors, but less conducive for tourism. Also, my family are visiting next week, so I would prefer to spend time showing them around instead of doing homework. Finally, since my professors neither know nor care that my family is visiting, I have an archaeology project and my first Greek test due on Friday, followed by a Roman history paper next Friday. Thus, I felt the need to hunker down and do some work this Saturday instead of splashing around some historical site.

This is not to say that I had an unpleasant weekend doing classwork. On Saturday afternoon, I set up camp in the King James Library in St. Mary's College. This is one of the smaller libraries on campus, and it houses books for the divinity school. The main study space is a rectangular room with deep blue carpet and rows of reading tables, with a balcony wrapping around three sides of the main floor. Both the main floor and the balcony are lined with shelves of theology books; I found myself in the Catholic theology section with St. Augustine and St. Therese of Lisieux, among others. Finally, there are fantastic cylinder-glass windows overlooking St. Mary's Quad, in which sit several plaster busts; my plaster companion this weekend was Dante Alighieri.

After studying on Saturday afternoon, we picked up some pizza for dinner, then went out toward the Old Course for a fireworks display. The Old Course has been hosting the annual Dunhill Links Championship this weekend, and the eve of the last day of competition on Sunday is celebrated with fireworks. It was a bit drizzly and chilly, but we dressed for the weather and enjoyed the show from some benches on the Scores, overlooking the Old Course and West Sands beach.

On Sunday, I attended church, did some more schoolwork, and went to Scottish Country Dancing class, followed by a quick trip to Janettas. Not the most exciting weekend, but still plenty enjoyable. No complaints here!

I might forego the next Weekend Recap for a later, more comprehensive post about spending time with my family. Stay tuned for a Francis Family Reunion Special and another exciting project I have in the works!